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OK, i really am in a rush :( I have 3 assignments due in the next week and homework due tomorrow! But I know I've been neglecting my blog a bit these past days, so I just posted four summaries: (ep. 14, 15 FHII, ep. 13, 14). Please tell me if there are mistakes, I rushed a bit. Will post more on the weekend! BYE!!! XD

Speech of Silence~Episode 14

When Kate came back after talking on the phone, she saw the headphones lying on the chair. She picked it up, and heard Kenneth say the exact same things that she had said before. With their hands clasping each other’s ears, they kissed!


To get revenge on Queenie, Elaine sent pictures of her and Herbert to other people. When Herbert found out, he decided to replace Queenie for the advertisement in Japan.

Kate and Kenneth did voiceovers together for the couple in Condor Heroes. So sweet!
Kate asked Kenneth why he took her to Fei Oar San.
Kenneth: Couples have to go to places with the right atmosphere for 拍拖!
Kate: Who is拍拖 with you?
Kenneth: We are holding hands. That doesn’t count as拍拖? Wah, then you very ‘sit dai ah’
Kate: Yes, very! [runs off]


In Japan, the two other guys pretend to be drunk so that Elaine is left alone with Herbert, who tries to make a move on her. But Elaine thinks back to when Kate told her love that is gained by sacrificing the body will never last, and pushed him away.


Chris overheard the manager Ah Joe saying that Kary had ‘danced her way into Herbert’s room’ that night in Japan. He got really angry. He called Elaine a 狐狸精 in front of everybody.
Elaine: What are you so crazy about?
Chris: Yes, I really am crazy. So crazy that I like a woman that only likes money. I am even stupid enough to help you get revenge on Kiki when you were just using me to get close to Herbert! Bringing takeaway and giving up your body!
Elaine: With which eye did you see my sacrifice my body?!
Chris: Who are you trying to lie to? Everyone knows you went to Japan to film an advertisement... it was to sleep with Herbert!
Elaine: What are you talking about?! [Slaps him]


Claire had walked around all of Hong Kong’s record shops and finally found Kenneth’s favourite song ‘Yesterday Once More.’ However, Kate had paid double the price and bought it in case. Kate wondered why Claire wanted it so much. Claire said she had wanted to give it to Kenneth.

Claire: Did you know, Kate had bought the record for her boyfriend?
Kenneth: Oh really, then w can’t argue with that!
Kate: What boyfriend? It’s just a normal friend.


Kate was sulking and didn’t want to give the record to Kenneth.
Kenneth: You don’t think there’s something going on between me and 娜姐 do you?
Kate: If I hadn’t of gone back, I wouldn’t know that someone cared about you so much.
[Kenneth takes a newspaper and curls it into a megaphone.
Kenneth: Everybody, this lovely, pretty girl here is my one and only girlfriend. I want to tell everyone, don’t make a move on her, or else I will ‘fight you to death!’
Here, in front of everyone, I swear I only like you and will only love you, no on else.

Kenneth: At this time in romantic movies, couples will, kiss for 3 minutes.
[Kate turns around and whacks him on the head saying ‘Ah Cha!’
Kenneth: Wah! I wanted akiss, not a whack!
Kate: I have been filming a martial arts movie. Every time they make a move they say ‘Ah Cha’
Kenneth: Lately I have been filming a porn movie. Every time they make a move they- [Kate runs off screaming]


When they get back to the voiceover, a disaster is awaiting them. The storey above the studio had a fire and the water had soaked everything in the studio as well...

Speech of Silence~Episode 13

Kate saw a really pretty necklace which played her favourite song ‘Yesterday Once more’ by the Carpenters. But it was $2800! The shop owner said to Kenneth ‘If your girlfriend likes it, buy it for her.’

Kate saw Matthew with his girlfriend and went up to say hi, and Kenneth pretended that he was her boyfriend. Kate got mad and said that it was she that had rejected Matthew because she doesn’t like not being treated like a normal person.


To cheer Kate up, Kenneth bought the necklace for her. When he put it on for her, his shirt got caught in her scarf and they looked shyly (not to mention awkwardly too!) at each other.


Queenie betrayed Elaine because she ‘stole’ Herbert from her. She even stole the job of the advertisement that Elaine was chosen to do. Chris was teasing Elaine when she bumped into him, but seeing her cry, he let her put her head on his shoulder. To comfort her, he and said that if she really was not happy about it, he could play a prank on Queenie for her. Aah sweet revenge!


小生 pretended to do voiceover for a little child with his mum at Claire’s b’day party at the studio.
小生: Ma咪, don’t leave me behind. Once you walk away, Cheung叔叔 will send me to boarding school (Canada).Then you can’t see me and you’ll forget me.
Ma咪: Sing Jai, Mummy doesn’t want to leave you either. But some things, even I can’t control.
小生: You’re lying. Even now, you still make me call you Auntie in front of other people. You don’t even want to be my mum. Don’t marry Cheung叔叔. I don’t want to lose my mummy.

When小生 spilt M&Ms floor, making , Cheung 哥 slip and his wig falls off, , Cheung 哥 runs after him, grabs him on the collar and starts hitting him. 小生 cries out ‘Mummy, save me!’ and Claire can’t stand it anymore. She pushes Cheung 哥 away and says ‘Stop hitting my son!’


Kenneth was really angry that Herbert had been using him to find evidence of Eileen accepting money from a company that wanted to work with the noodle factory.

While Kenneth was listening to some sounds he had recorded and couldn’t hear her, Kate told him how she felt about him.
Kate: ‘Being with you, there isn’t any stress. I can say anything I want to and not have to be scared how you will see me. If it is possible, I would really like to always be with you. Is that really crazy? Lucky you can’t hear me. Otherwise, I would die of embarrassment! I have kept these words inside of me for a long time. I was too scared to tell you. Maybe because right now you can’t hear me, I have the courage to say this out loud.’


Aww mega-cringe! She didn’t realize that Kenneth was listening the whole time!

Forensic Heroes II~Episode 15

I thought Yoyo was going to die, when I watched this, but she finds the strength to whack him with her shopping bag. Still, he manages to push her against the wall. He grabs her head and keeps on hitting it against the wall. Luckily, a man walks past and the ‘murderer’ runs off. At the crime scene and from Yoyo, they found a purple material and pieces of hair that didn’t belong to Yoyo or the victim, Lee Mei Kei. The victim was actually both deaf and mute, which is why she didn’t scream for help.

Yoyo was frustrated that she couldn’t remember anything form that night. Charmaine said that it was OK as she’s a human, not a video recorder. They decided to go back to the crime scene and reenact what had happened. She remembered grabbing onto the murderer’s hand and that on his right hand, between his thumb and index finger, there was a lump. Charmaine also found out that ‘you people’ meant people who are disabled.


After examining the scars caused by the belt on both Wong Miu Shang and Yoyo’s body, Frankie discovered that it was the same belt that was used to injure both of them. Serial killer!

When Charmaine and Kevin were helping an old lady across the road, they found out that one of their favourite bands form England are playing in Hong Kong and decided to go together.

Macy gave Matthew a black bead necklace that is good for relieving stress. Seeing that she has one too, Matthew thinks that she likes him, but she gives them to everyone!


Raymond remembered that Lee Mei Kei had been wearing a watch that was the same as her hairdresser, Ricky’s. Also, Ricky has a lump between his thumb and index finger as well. However, he had an alibi.

As they were going home in Frankie’s car, Frankie and Charmaine were discussing who had put the tables, chairs and plant on the balcony. Turns out Charmaine had put the chairs there, and Frankie had put the plant.

Knowing that Charmaine really liked a type of incense called Vetiver, Kevin especially ordered it for her from England! As Charmaine walked out of a shop selling incense, a man grabbed her handbag. Haha, he doesn’t know who he’s messing with, stealing a policewoman’s handbag!


Charmaine rummaged through her bag and found that her pen was missing. Frankie found her on the balcony and told her that if she told him everything, she might feel better. In England, she had met the love of her life, Jason. He had given her the pen hoping she would sign her name on the day of their wedding using that pen and record all their happy stories down using that pen.

However, on her wedding day, just as Jason was about to sign his name, a man that was obsessively in love with Charmaine shot him. He then killed himself after Charmaine said she didn’t like him. I feel so sorry for her... that was how she got the name ‘掃把星’.

When Frankie had cheered her up and comforted her, she smiled.
Frankie: That’s good, when you smile; your whole person is beautiful again.


Frankie, when picking up something of his own, found Charmaine’s pen in his car.
When he gave it to Charmaine, he saw Kevin coming and said: Oh, before when you were asking me which café was good, you meant you are taking Belle?’


Forensic Heroes II~Episode 14

Yes, I haven’t totally stopped doing FHII summaries as I hate to leave things half done, but I’ll probably do it in my spare time because SOS is now my first preference.

When Kevin and Charmaine met in a bookstore and started talking about Bath, the city of romance, she told him that she was once going to have a very happy wedding there. Kevin looked at her and you could tell he was starting to have feelings for her.


*New Case
A girl’s body was found in a falling apart house in the forest. She was bruised all over and there was blood smeared on the walls. Frankie said that she had probably been brutally tortured to death. Now that’s what I’m looking for. A psycho murderer. Who kills a crippled girl. This better be good.

They concluded that there had been only one murderer as she had been dragged in. If there were two, there wouldn’t have been skid marks on her shoes and the floor. Also, she had been unconscious because the drag marks were very straight, showing no signs of movement or struggle. After examining her body some more, Frankie found that her body had lots of bruises caused by whipping with a belt. This was how she was killed...she had been whipped to death. Talk about slow and painful death.

On her clothes and wheelchair, there was powder that is used for praying in temples. This couldn’t have been left behind by the girl Wong Miu Shang because she was a Christian and went to church.


Bobby asked Yoyo if she would go on his London bus, as in proposing to her!!!
Bobby: ‘You’d better say yes soon, my legs are feeling numb.’ Just then the dads burst in and Bobby’s dad says he had to put more feeling into it and demonstrates. Yoyo finally nods and Bobby shoos the dads out for private alone time.

At a temple nearby to where they had discovered the girl’s body, Vivien and Matthew saw the man that had been arguing with her the day she died. He said that he had only kicked her wheelchair and then gone home. He had tried to cover up the truth because they didn’t want the police going up to his flat as there were lots of bottles of cough medicine there. His son had been consuming large doses of the medicine and was selling it.


As Yoyo is heading back to Bobby’s house, she sees a man harassing a girl. When she finished talking to Bobby, however, the two of them are nowhere in sight, with only the girl’s shoes left behind. She wanders into the alleyway after hearing a noise. The girl is slumped against the wall, unconscious, possibly dead, as there is a long trail of blood all down the wall leading to her head. As she crouches down to look at the girl, a man appears behind her and tries to strangle her. He says: ‘You people, 唔死都無用呀!



Speech of Silence~Episode 12

[Episode 11 summary is below dis post]

When Kate told Kenneth he said she was crazy. Her mum had planned everything to get Kate to go to America with her. However, she said that even if she was a normal person that she didn’t know, she would still try to help them.


Irene overheard Kenneth telling Kate that an operation was harmful to the body and that it was TWO lives that was being risked. Irene thought that Kate was pregnant!
When she cleared it up with everyone else, they said that she shouldn’t trust Mary because if she really treated Kate like her daughter, then she wouldn’t make her take such a big risk.


Aww this is so touching I even cried a bit. Kate’s dad said he wasn’t mad at Kate for lying to him. He was mad at himself. When Kate had risked her whole life and become deaf to save the rest of the family, her dad had vowed that she would never let anything bad happen to her again. Now, he feels useless coz he can’t do anything about it and he’s really scared that something will happen to Kate.


Next day, just before they left, Mary received a call. Kate’s kidney wasn’t appropriate for her brother’s body after all. What the?! So all of that was for nothing??? Kenneth said that if they put a clip about Peter’s illness on the net, then people might volunteer to help him. Herbert paid for the clip to be broadcasted on television. He even put up a notice saying that if you have a suitable kidney, then you get one month paid leave and get to travel to America first class!

Finally, before Mary left, someone form America called to say they were willing to donate their kidneys! Kenneth saw his dad drop the takeaway basket and hurt his back, and he looked really worried, but still drove on. On their way back from the airport, they saw the car that had nearly hit Mary and Kate. The driver apologised and said that it was an accident, meaning Mary didn’t really hire him.


When carrying something to a shop, Lau Dan fell down the stairs just as Kenneth was walking past. He tripped and fell down. Ah this I the overrated ‘Oh no, DAD are you OK?’ bit. Lau Dan says that the tape that the two of them had recorded together had broken, but Kenneth said, that doesn’t matter, but do you remember what you promised me? Lau Dan said he did. He remembered that he had promised to protect him for his whole life. HAPPY’NESS! JOY! CELEBRATION... FINALLY!


Speech of Silence~Episode 11

Kenneth said to Mary that he knew a really good kidney doctor, so that she wouldn’t have to wait for Dr. Wong, but Mary straight out said no. When she told Kate to wipe the knife to cut the cake, Kate cut her finger. Mary rushed over to dab off the blood with a cotton ball and then put it into a little tube. She had actually made the edges of the knife jagged on purpose so that Kate would cut herself.

Kenneth said that it was strange how Mary refused to see another doctor and that it was unusual that she was coming back to Hong Kong to look for a doctor. Usually, people with sicknesses went overseas.


In the lifts, Kate’s dad saw Mary going up and got really mad when he saw her having lunch with Kate.


Cheung 哥 took Claire’s family to a rich people’s party. 小生 tried to play with the other children but they all said he was poor and had no right to play with them. When小生 got hit by another boy, Cheung哥 didn’t stick up for小生. In fact, he even tried to hit him.

The next day, 小生 left school all by himself and went to the parks. Kenneth found him and小生 said he wanted Kenneth to be his dad. 小生’s dad is really rich, but his parents didn’t want him to marry Claire. He gave up Claire for money.


Mary persuaded Kate to go with her to America because she was the only person in the family who had an appropriate kidney for her brother. Kate’s dad and Kenneth burst in at that time. Kenneth told Kate that Mary was trying to trick her along. Even meeting her again was planned. Mary had paid the cooking teacher at the DRC so that she could take the job. That way, she’d get to see Kate. The car that almost hit Mary and Kate the time they met was actually hired by Mary.


When Kate found out that her mum had come back only to get Kate to donate her kidney, she was really upset. However, she believed that as long as she was able to save a life, she would be willing to go back with Mary.


I agree, besides it was her brother that was dying. Though Mary made me really angry. She had given up on her daughter all those years ago, never planned to come back, except for when she’s troubled and wants Kate to do something for her. Doesn’t she realize how much she’s hurting Kate by doing something like that?


Speech of Silence~Episode 10

At a QQ妹 promotion, Chris saw someone with a cap on walk up to Elaine and hug her or something. Thinking it was a man, he jumped on top of her and pinned her to the ground, knocking down the fortune wheel and the whole table of noodles.

Elaine was waiting outside to apologise to Herbert when Chris came up to her in a motorbike. He told her that he had taken the blame and that nothing was going to happen to her. Just then, Herbert’s car came by, with a girl inside it. Elaine got onto Chris’ motorbike and told him to chase them.

Chris started imagining that it was their wedding and they were riding on his motorbike. He snapped out of it when Elaine told him to stop as Herbert’s car was nowhere to be seen. She shouted at him and said that he was totally useless, that’s why he has to ride a slow, old motorbike for his life. Chris finally had enough and rode off, leaving her in the middle of nowhere.

Mary took Kate to a café and Kate said she remembered having been there before. They ordered all of Kate’s favourite foods and Mary asked Kate where her own mum is. Kate said she had run away when she was little. Mary then asked her when she became deaf. Kate said when she was 8. She also said that the milk tea there wasn’t that great and that her dad’s was much better. Mary blurted out the name of her dad’s shop, so clearly, her prediction that Kate is her daughter had been confirmed.


The man at the restaurant the other day proposed to Claire. What the?! They didn’t even know each other that well!!! Claire said that she would have to consult with her family as getting married was a big thing. Kenneth was waiting for Claire when she got out of the car. He told her that he didn’t agree with her marrying the guy.

At the DRC, Kate picked up Mary’s wallet and saw her own picture inside. She told Kenneth to sit down and told him that she thinks Mary is her mum.


When Kate went to look for Mary at the DRC, the receptionist said that Mary had quit the job. She and Kenneth rushed to where Mary lived and saw her crossing the road. When she tried to stop her, they didn’t notice a car coming their way. Mary quickly pushed Kate aside and fell down herself.

Kate asked her why she did all those things like order her favourite foods and risk her life before. Kate said she knew, she knew that Mary was her mum. Mary turned away, crying saying that she had no right to be her mum. Then the mother and daughter embraced. Mary then told Kate that she had come back to Hong Kong to look for a famous kidney specialist to save Kate’s brother, who was 15.


Kenneth asked Kate how she could pretend nothing had happened when her mum had been so selfish and left her behind all those years ago. Kate said that it was such a long time ago, and besides, it is painful to remember unhappy memories. They then cut to Mary talking on the phone, saying to go with the original plan... oh I bet she’s going to trick Kate into giving her money or something.


Speech of Silence~Episode 9

As Kate is looking at her phone sadly, Kenneth comes in with Chris! Chris goes into the kitchen with Kate’s dad and Kenneth and Kate sit outside.
Kate: ‘You really aren’t going to go back to the studio?’
Kenneth: ‘Oh, yeah, now that I’m, not here, how’s my aunt going?’
Kate: ‘Of course all muddled up. And you, just to hide away from someone, you don’t even go back to the studio. Isn’t there anything there that you’ll miss?’
Kenneth: ‘Yeah. I lent 秋水哥 $20 and he still hasn’t paid me back. An you- you bought me the throat soothing 八仙果... I still haven’t finished eating those.


Chris sees Elaine and tells her all about getting to be QQ妹 again. When she gets there, the manager Ah Joe makes her wear a very short dress and she blurts out: ‘After all, I am the QQ妹! How can you make me walk around Honk Kong like this?!’ Then the manager says you’re only a ‘noodle angel’. She says she’ll think about the job and leaves. As she walks to the lift, she sees Herbert going in and asks him to wait up.

They get trapped in the lift and start playing ‘Bomberman’ together. Elaine decided to take the job even with low salary because she believed fate had brought them together and that he was testing to see if she had potential to be his girlfriend. Gosh, this girl thinks wayy too much. Elaine tells Kate that if she wants a chance with Kenneth, she has to ask him out.

So the next day, she asks Kenneth to help out at the DRC with her. While there, Kenneth helps put out a small fire in the cooking classroom. The teacher, played by Mary, helps Kate bandage her burnt hand. Mary says that she is about the same age as her own daughter. Mary then asked her what her name was and when she heard, she seemed a bit surprised. Kate is probably the daughter she was talking about.


Lau Dan accidentally bumped into Celine and when he tried to help her and accidentally touched her hand, she said he was harassing him. She told the rest of the voiceover team that he had stolen $1000 from her and they all blamed laud an except for Kate, who tried to stand up for him. In Lau Dan’s wallet, they did find $1000 but it had been given to him by Kingdom. Yu Yang brought out $1000, claiming that he had found it, but later on said that he had done it to shut the others up. Lau Dan said that he had only wanted to give back to his son and felt bad that the others were arguing because of him and decided to leave.

Kate ran after him and said: ‘But don’t you want to see your son?’
Lau Dan said he didn’t know what he could do anymore. He didn’t even have the ability to look for a job. Kate took him to her dad’s shop and gave him a job there. Kate said that if he wanted to give back to his son, he could finish off the puzzle that he and Kenneth never finished. They stayed up all night and finally finished it in the mornin

When Kenneth saw it and found out it was Lau Dan who had finished it, he threw it onto the floor and smashed it. Kingdom ran after him and said why he have to be so stubborn. Kenneth said that he was never going to forgive him and told her to tell Kate to stop helping him. Kingdom said that Kate was not only trying to help Lau Dan but also him.

Kenneth: ‘Why does she have to interfere with everything?’
Kingdom: ‘Yes, why does she have to do this? There are many people on the streets, why doesn’t she help them? One girl, staying up all night on a cold night, finishing a puzzle piece by piece, you think, what is she doing it for???’


Chris and Kenneth decided to test if Kate liked him. Chris videoed Kate wiping herself with Kenneth’s towel and drinking from the same can as him. Chris said that he would put it up on the net to see whether others also thought she liked him. Kenneth told him to be quiet because it wouldn’t be nice if Kate found out they were testing her. Kate was actually eavesdropping on their conversation the whole time. Chris said it didn’t matter as she wouldn’t be able to hear much anyway. He asked Kenneth if he liked her or not. Kenneth said that Chris shouldn’t do anything until all is clear and that it’s kinda hard to say these things as he doesn’t want to lose Kate as a friend. Kate goes and never gets to hear what Chris asks Kenneth next. Chris: ‘Look at me; don’t you like her even a little bit?’ Kenneth: ‘Well, Kate is quite OK. She and I are quite compatible, but I don’t really know if that’s classified as liking her.’ Chris: ‘Look at you, all confused. I tell you, you do. Kenneth: ‘Well, whether I do or not, I’m scared that it is just me thinking too much.’


Kate took him to have a romantic dinner and made it clear that she was only doing it for the meal and that she doesn’t like him. Aww so sad, she did it in fear of rejection, but she doesn’t know that Kenneth actually does like her. As they go their separate ways to leave, they both stop and turn around at different times.




OMG i am so happyful right now. i feel like throwing a part-ay!

there is going to be D.I.E II! Hmm maybe i am last person to know this or something but anyhow, i just found out and i am so happy.
D.I.E was a very original series and very entertaining, earning itself v.high ratings!
i am glad there's going to be a sequel. and also,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sonjia, who's turning 34. Wow, she's 34 already!

She says that thanks to all her fans who gave her handmade gifts and said she was very touched. The filming of D.I.EII will begin in November. I hope that the storyline doesn't continue on. Well, it can't really, coz Roger's gone to heaven! She says it is her very first time get to film a sequel and and it was Roger who brought luck to her! Yes, i agree, Roger's series seem to always get good ratings! XD

Credits: Asian Entertainment Universe


New Series~ Moonlight Resonance.溏心風暴之家好月圓

Cast: Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui , Wayne Lai, Shirley Yeung, Jack Wu, Astrid Chan, Fala Chen, Louis Yuen
Episodes: 41

Trailer: [Thanks to idlemindsehseh.blogspot.com]

Synopsis.Plot: The new series will focus on Lee Sze Kei getting her family back together in the background of bakery business. A big emphasize is put on Lee Sze Kei's relationship with her husband Ha Yu and kids Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Lai Lok Yi, Vincent Wan and Ha Yu's stepdaughter Linda Chung, besides her relationship with her adversary Michelle Yim and sister Susanna Kwan.

Romantic plots include Kate Tsui (Susanna Kwan's daughter) fighting against Tavia Yeung for Moses Chan, whilst she will also be involved with Chris Lai. There will be conflict between Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong (Linda Chung's colleague) for Linda Chung as Bosco Wong interferes as the third party between the loving pair. Susanna Kwan's character will have "sister-brother" relationship with Wayne Lai and Louis Yuen, meanwhile Fala Chen in her challenging role as a 'mute' girl will be romantically linked with Dexter Young.

Throughout the series, Lee Sze Kei will try to run a steady business on her own in a bakery shop while her other family members live out a dream life with a billion-dollar fortune and big house. Lee Sze Kei has the custody of Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Fala Chen, whilst Ha Yu has the other children. The series also focuses on Susanna Kwan, from her good heart, plotting "evil" ideas to get the family back together, while Michelle Yim plots to have the family stay apart from each other. Lee Heung Kam doesn't make things any easier as she prefers his son (Ha Yu) to have Michelle as his wife than Lee Sze Kei. They frequently call Lee, "that fat thing" and family problems will arise when the family meet each other again.

Thoughts: OMG!!! This long anticipated series is finally released! I think everyone's gone MR mad ever since the news spread there was going to be a second HOG. I appreciate that they are keeping the original cast, and even though it has a similar theme to HOG, its storyline differs. I have hope in this series, in that it will be as good as its prequel, maybe even better.

Credits: Asian Entertainment Universe

New Series~ When a Dog Loves a Cat.當狗愛上貓

Cast: Gallen Lo, Myolie Wu, Margie Tsang, Lui Fong, Raymond Wong, Mannor Chan, Patrick Tang Chi Fung, Ai Wai, Bernice Liu
Episodes: 20
Synopsis: Promise you love me, honor and keep me, for better or worse, in sickness and in health.

Plot: CHOW CHI YU (Wu Myolie) once adopted a stray dog TAI PA but it brought virus to her father's kennel and all the dogs inside are dead tragically. Since then, her older brother CHOW CHI JIM (Lui Fong) and sister-in-law SHUI TIN LAN (Tsang Wah Sin) have no choice but to open a pet shop for a living. Later, YU met TAI PA's little brother SIU PA but her boyfriend YING HOI LEUNG (Wong Ho Yin) suggested her to keep it in an empty house nearby.
MIU CHUN (Lo Ka Leung)'s girlfriend KAKA lost her life while saving her dog TAI PA in a traffic accident. CHUN was devastated and he abandoned the dog while keeping KAKA's beloved cat CANCAN with him. CHUN moves in to his new home but he is enraged to discover SIU PA has been raising there secretly by YU, his neighbour as well as his coworker at advertising firm. While seeing each other day and night, the battle between the "cat" and the "dog" becomes never-ending.
CHUN accidentally uncovers a secret relationship between YU and LEUNG. YU turns to CHUN for advice since she has found that LEUNG has affair with another woman. The two of them gradually develop feelings on each other but they don't know how to express themselves. During the time, MAN CHI KEI (Liu Bernice Jan), the daughter of the big boss, suddenly pursues CHUN. CHUN finally realizes who his true love is but the timing is just not right.
Thoughts: Will I watch it? Yes. I like Myolie and I have been awaiting a comeback from Gallen Lo. I thouroughly enjoyed watching Old Time buddies. He and Francis Ng were a good pair for the comedy. I also loved him in The 'W' Files playing Wei Si Lei. I am glad he had decided to stay and film a 41 episode series! Iwonder what series it is? Does anyone know?
Credits: Astro on Demand


Speech of Silence~Episode 8

Please SCRO__ down for SOS Ep. 8 summs. Soz if I haven't been posting muchh! I have such a BUSY life at school :( Hmph. But good news, I've handed in my prac report and now only... TWO more assignments to hand in!!!

Kenneth looked like he had no problem with it, but he played pranks on his dad when everyone already hated him. When he stormed out, he and Kate saw a little kid left in the car by his dad. He smashed the window to help the little kid out and yelled at the dad for being irresponsible.

Kary really hated her mean manager at the shop, so she quit the job because she believed she was going to be ‘rich’. At the night of the QQ妹 finals, Chris came up to her and asked her if he didn’t have money, would she still be friends with him. Of course, Elaine lied, thinking he was testing her.


When it came to the actual competing, while Elaine was performing, she noticed that Chris wasn’t Herbert. He was in fact right at the back, cheering for her like a maniac and getting dragged out by the security guards!!! She totally lost concentration and fell down. Queenie ended up winning the competition.


Chris ran after her afterwards, telling her that failure is the mother of success and that next time, she will definitely win. Even when Elaine pushed him face first into the dirt, he still didn’t get mad, and said that she only did that because she was angry. -


Kenneth’s granddad knew that Lau Dan had come back so banned Kenneth from going back to the voiceover studio. When he came back to the studio to pack his things, he made it very clear that unless Lau Dan left, he would never come back. When 秋水哥 did the recording instead of Kenneth, Kate looked at him like he was Kenneth.

As Queenie herself was not enough to promote the brand, they asked two more girls to come back, one of them being Elaine. Kenneth told Chris so that h could go and tell her the good news and then maybe she will like him again.


Kate’s dada noticed that the past few days, Kate had been looking at her phone a lot. Probably, waiting for Kenneth to call!
Dad: ‘Where’s OK仔? Aren’t you two going out? Why don’t you bring him home?’
Kate: ‘I said we’re not dating.’
Dad: ‘Really? Well then I guess it was my mistake.’
Kate: ‘He doesn’t come to work anymore. I don’t even know when I’ll get to see him again.’


Speech of Silence~Episode 7

Thanks to Kenneth, Elaine gets into the finals for the QQ妹代言人 competition. Elaine phones Chris and asks him out to dinner to thank him. The whole time, he stutters one syllable answers to her question. So funny to watch him!

Chris got all dressed up in Kenneth’s tux and slicked his hair back for his date with Elaine. Kenneth even leant him his car so he would look good for the date. Haha, I just can’t help but crack up at how polite he was. He kept on complimenting Elaine with 4-letter 成語!


When they had some sort of sea food in a shell, he kept on dropping them when trying to pick them up with his chopsticks. Elaine had thought that he liked to have a low profile, so she had taken him to a stall to eat and ate with her hands.


When Elaine accidentally spilt something onto a man’s girlfriend’s skirt and they started an argument, Chris ‘showed his true self’ and the two of them quickly went away. Then realising that Elaine was watching him, he explained that he is normally a very well-behaved person and likes to go to libraries and all that.


When Elaine left, she told him to call her Kary. Chris then said: ‘Well then you can call me-'
‘Well, then I’ll call you Herbert from now on.’ Then she kissed him on the cheek and left. Chris finally realized that she had mistaken him for Herbert all along.


小生 had hit his head onto a brick wall because he was skating too fast, so Kenneth took him and Elaine to the hospital. Elaine was frantic with worry and said that she could donate blood as she was his mum. The doctor said he was fine and then she realised that now Kenneth knew, but he promised not to tell.

Kenneth and Kate had to go up to Kingdom’s flat to get a tape, so Kingdom told Lau Dan to go out and hide. In a hurry, he accidentally, locked himself in the room. Unfortunately, Kenneth found him, but with a ‘mask’ on. He called himself 七哥. Too bad he called Kenneth 言仔, and nobody calls him that except for his dad. Kenneth then recognised him as the voice on the tape and in the surveillance camera of the lift, he saw that it really was his dad. But he didn’t go after him...


Kate told Kingdom anyway and they both organized a day together. Kenneth left angrily and told Kingdom to stop it, and that he recognised him. That night Lau Dan left and slept in cardboard boxes out n the streets.

Ben told Yu Yang that he had to go to a wedding on the day of a recording, and asked Kenneth to do it instead. He said that Kenneth and Kate would be great as a ‘couple’. Irene ran in and said that Kingdom had brought a man to the studio. That man was of course Lau Dan and he was going to be joining the voiceover team. Everyone turned their backs on him and even kind of groaned.