Fung's Video Blog: Great Swimmer?

Fung: I really like sun baking, because I like water activities. Very happy that I get to swim yesterday, competing against Joe Pa.

Ha Yu: It’s a swimming team! I didn’t know, they lied to me, so I thought….

Fung: Lied to you? You didn’t ask so I couldn’t say anything.Ha Yu: So once I entered the water….

(Moses interrupts)Moses: I have something to say too.

Ha Yu: You have something to say too?

Moses: Yesterday when we were filming, Fala (? not sure, can’t hear) was next to me, there were splashing etc and suddenly, whoa! I thought there was a shark or something…

Ha Yu: Yeah there’s a monster underwater passing by….

Moses: Actually he (Fung) is “Hong Kong’s flying fish”.

Ha Yu: He said he can fight it out against Alex Fong Lik Sun. I put my money on him.

Fung: Don’t say that, don’t say that.

Moses: Him… doesn’t need to come up from the water, pretending to a fish (makes the mouth movements - lol!) and looks quite like it.

Fung: What..?!?!

Ha Yu: Also, he can swim 25 meters in one breath, one lap to and back…

Fung: (laughs and shakes his head) nononono…. don’t listen to them bluffing. Actually, they…

Ha Yu: Don’t need to be modest, fight it out with Alex Fong!

Moses: Yesterday he wasn’t modest about it!

Ha Yu: Yeah yeah yeah.

Moses: (pretending to be Fung) “I will win against you la!”
Fung: That’s part of the script! Don’t listen to them… yeah… those were my lines. Actually yesterday Ha Yu is quite a swimmer, because when he jumps into the water, half of the pool is empty.
Ha Yu laughs loudly)
Moses: This is a joke…
Fung: yeah… thank you.
Thoughts: First, thanks to raymondlam.org! Love any gossip bout Raymond. This is a pretty random post but I think that Moses and Raymond aren't exactly enemies or anything if they are able to laugh together. They're pretty funny, actually!
Credits: raymondlam.org
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Forensic Heroes II~Episode 6

At the start of the episode, it replays what had happened in episode 5, when Savio slaps Astrid across the face so hard that she bleeds. It was quite scary, actually, seeing him look so menacing. I thought: ‘Gosh, is this some kind of weirdo freak who has mental problems and abuses his wife???’ He accuses her of coming back to Hong Kong only because she wanted to see Tim Sir again. As she turns to leave, Savio grabs onto her arm (no, he doesn’t violently bash her up), but pleads her not to leave him and that he didn’t know why he had lost control like that. He said that when he saw Astrid hugging Bobby, he felt really jealous and that it was probably because he loved her too much. He was talking so fast and gotten so worked up about it that he had a minor heart attack. Astrid, as a doctor and his wife, of course stayed to help him.


Yoyo, after an operation on her right ear to fix up her right ear drum, which had been pierced by the extreme vibrations of the earthquake, still could not hear. The doctor suggested that it may be because the explosion caused her blood vessels to move and put pressure on the cochlear nerve. In that case, she would have to do an operation on her brain to fix it. Her hand couldn’t be fixed either, so she can’t hold a gun anymore.

Kevin’s first day at the forensics department. Everyone seems to like him as they had heard about the time when he disposed the hand grenade thrown at Lee Sing Cheung. They had managed to find small, incomplete parts of a fingerprint, but what they were really looking for was the battery used to trigger the bomb, as it had a larger surface area and it would be more likely to find a complete fingerprint on it. Kevin remembered that on the day of the explosion, a little girl’s teddy bear had been blown outwards from Lee Sing Cheung’s car, which contained the battery they were looking for.


Isn’t she cute?


The fingerprint found had belonged to a person called Wong Bil, whose house contained substances used for bombs. However, Wong Bil himself was found dead in his bathroom. A very expensive, good-quality jade pendant had been found in Wong Bil’s bathroom, which they believed belonged to Sek Tau Yong, who was Lee Sing Cheung’s jade-loving enemy. He had come back to Hong Kong most likely to collect his beloved jades and had killed Wong Bil.


While interviewing Wong Bil’s ‘girlfriend’ who worked at a bar, Charmaine noticed she had a very expensive looking jade necklace on, which most probably means that she had been Sek Tau Yong’s ‘girl’ while he was hiding out at Wong Bil’s house.


Savio has that weird ‘losing control attack’ happen again when Bobby simply put a hand on Astrid’s shoulder. Luckily, he didn’t hit Astrid again!


Astrid for some reason calls Linda’s mobile, to which Frankie answers. He said that he had carried Linda’s phone around with him in case anyone called him and also because it made him feel closer to her… awww, so sweet yet sad at the same time.
Frankie gets a ring from a restaurant asking to confirm a dinner there that night that Linda had booked especially for the two of them.
Flashback to Linda trying to cook crab, and asking Frankie, wasn’t she smart, because she had come up with the idea of injecting alcohol into the crab so it wouldn’t move around when she chopped it up.

Argh, I'm so pissed that that guy could just set off a bomb not caring that he was killing an innocent person... like 汀汀.


By tracing Wong Bil’s girlfriend’s calls (Lor Yuk Gil), they found that each day for the past three days, at exactly 5p.m., someone had called her from a public telephone booth. This, they believed, was Sek Tau Yong asking her to check whether the police were still guarding his house.
At the end of the episode, Frankie is holding a container with a pink substance in it, and he says:
‘Thank you, Ding Ding, with your help; I can definitely solve this case.’
Don’t you just love the determination on his face?



我的最愛 Lyrics


方力申: 離開以後首次遇見
鄧麗欣: 重新對望聽你聲線
方力申: 太慣看你左邊笑臉
鄧麗欣: 差點想碰你的肩 輕觸那殘餘心思

鄧麗欣: 或是害怕完全淡出你那份愛離場後跑回來
方力申: 不知可算應該
鄧麗欣: 貼身不再但卻貼心裝載
方力申: 隨時代你哭處理淚流
鄧麗欣: 如後備兩手是否足夠即使那日放了手
方力申: 雙腳似未學會走合: 停留在這段情
方力申: 不懂去
鄧麗欣: 退守
方力申: 全部舊記憶這刻重遊
鄧麗欣: 重拾舊愛都或太荒謬
方力申: 運氣不夠
鄧麗欣: 牽不了手
合: 也算得今世獨有
對你太好 怎會累透*

過去的... 永遠是最爱的 ?

方力申: 如心跳是可以避免
鄧麗欣: 縈繞卻是你的聲線
方力申: 慣了照顧的不會變
鄧麗欣: 不告別也不發現 對你愛顧早蔓延


合: 對你太好 怎會累透 對你再好 不會厮守

主唱: 方力申+鄧麗欣
導演: 莊少榮
作曲: 雷頌德
作詞: Tim Lui
編曲/歌曲監製: 雷頌德

我的最愛MV~ Alex and Stephy

It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to you seeing as I have just announced my new obssession in my previous post. After enjoying the movie so much, I went and checked out the MV, which I thought was pret-ty sweet. This is my interpretation: Alex and Stephy used to be lovers, but when they meet again, both of them are too 'shy' to talk or bump into each other. In the end, they both gaze into each others eyes and Alex's phone is playing '我的最愛'.

The second is the TVB version of the MV.In this version, Alex and Stephy meet each other on the streets where Alex is pushing a bicycle. They both stand there and think back to memories of when they were a couple and Alex was trying to teach Stephy how to ride.

In both versions they don't get back together, but while in the first I felt a feeling of longing and loss, the second seemed much more playful and + there were more parts where Alex and Stephy were actually together.

New Obssession '我的新歡'

我的最愛是... After watching this movie, I have found a new obssession... Alephy, and just anything to do with Alex!!! As I say, a girl can have more than one obssession at a time, can't she? Hehe love tis pair, they are so cute together.

However much I like this movie, I've decided not to do a review as Fiona has posted one just recently, and I totally agree with what she says! I just hope the next Alephy movie comes out soon!


林峯 vs. 陳豪 @ Moonlight Resonance

Moses Chan Reborn to Fight Raymond Lam in "Heart of Greed II"

"Moonlight Resonance" will air next month, and received a lot of media during its filming. Recently, "Heart of Greed" was alos played on TVB's paid channel, causing "Heart of Greed" mania to slip through every hole. Previously there were rumors that "Moonlight" was tailor made for Raymond Lam. His character is very likeable and he also has a lot of scenes, promoting him to be TV king at the end of the year. This caused Moses Chan, who was originally going to be the main lead, to demote to a big extra. He also had to die from a heart attack in episode 33, so Raymond can run his own show towards the end.

However, lately there has been reliable reports which says because the producer wants a happy end, Moses surprisingly doesn't have to die. Plus he will be in the series until the last episode (episode 41), with eight extra episodes of scenes and will be leading with Raymond from start to finish. "Siu sang" fighting for TV kind is even better viewing than "Moonlight."

Even though there's no individual show towards the end of the series, but portraying a good son looking after his family, he will "kill" many housewives! This year's TV king is yours (Raymond), don't fear!Last year, "Heart of Greed" made Moses the TV king. This year it's TVB son Raymond's turn. Even Raymond admitted earlier that "Moonlight" will give him more chances to display his skills, plus originally Moses will die in episode 33, so towards the end Raymond will lead the whole show. Unfortuantely producer Lau Ka Ho decided on a happy ending, Moses doesn't have to die. The storyline towards the end (about fighting fortunes) Moses and Raymond will have similar screen time.

Suddenly came back form the dead: A source reveals, "Originally Moses will die form a heart attack, leaving girlfriend Tavia Yeung alone. But the producer said it's the moon festival and doesn't want the end to be so sad, so he chaged it!" Plus earlier Moses knew he had to die so he called the producer many times hoping he will be saved. Clearly Moses win this time, don't need to die and also have scenes towards the end. Last Saturday (June 7th) they were filming "Moonlight" at Tsim Sha Tsui (wedding scenes of Ha Yu and Michelle Yim). During filming Raymond and Moses were talking and laughing happily, and seemed like good friends. About coming back from the dead, Moses admits to the reporters, "In "Moonlight" my character will be in the series until the 41st episode. But how the story will go I don't care, leave it up to the producer! Even though Raymond can't be the only lead towards the end, but about this brother (in the series) Moses coming back from the dead, he can only accept.

Face: We heard Moses doesn't have to die in "Moonlight!"Raymond: Yeah! Seems like they want a happy ending! That's good! It will be aired during the moon festival, so happy is good!

Face: With Moses having more scenes, that would affect your chances to become TV king!Raymond: I never said that I want to become TV king, you said it.

Fighting for fortunes (deceased estates) again: Rumor has it Moses doesn't have to die, he will also marry Tavia at the end. Because of health reasons he will also end his investment company and help his family bakery. At the end they will also have fighting fortune scenes, but this time the main charater will change from Susanna Kwan to Michelle, fighting against Ha Yu's family. At the end of course te good guys will win! Unfortunately the ending scenes will concentrate on the older actors, there won't be a lot of opportunities to shine for Moses and Raymond. So Raymond don't need to fear about Moses coming back from the dead, better to fear Ha Yu!

This time Fala will be a good girl who can't speak. She will be a couple of Yeung Tin Ging.

Linda Chung not constant:Last time as Seung Joi Sum she had to cry from start to finish! This time there is a breakthrough. She will be with someone else while her boyfriend leaves the country, of course there's a reason behind it.

Bosco Wong loves one person only: He was supposed to be a pair with Linda, but late he had to work overseas so they drifted apart. Raymond will intrude in this relationship.

Raymond intruding...Because Bosco went overseas, he develped feelings for Linda over time. Later when Bosco comes back, Linda has to choose.

Kate Tsui will have an abortion:Even though she only appears in the middle of the series, but this character is outstanding, so it's not too late to come up!

Lai Lok Yi will be rich:Kate will marry Lai Lok Yi for money, and then found out she is carrying Yeung Ming's child.

Moses is inconstant (chases many girls): At the start he was attracted to Kate's sexy outlook and starts chasing her.

Yeung Ma kills his own:Kate's overseas friend- he has a one night stant with Kate after they were drunk. Then she got pregnant

Thoughts: One word: OMG~ I am so looking forward to this series and I'll probably stay up really late at night to watch all of it as soon as possible (that's what I do when there's a series I really like). I believe the expectations will be pretty high and it is expected to live up to the standards of HOG. I absolutely love the cast, the love triangles and the plot so my hopes for this production is very high! Unfortunately, I think that Gem of Life will be the major production winning an award this year... But yes! I am so happy it is coming out soon... Lots of Raymond scenes to drool over (I think he deserves a main role award this year)!)

Source: Asian Entertainment Universe Posted by: aZnangel Credits: Pauline @ fungforever.net

New Series~ Speech of Silence

Cast: Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai Lok Yi, Claire Yiu, Elaine Yiu, Kingdom Yuen
Episode: 20
Producer: Tsui Yue On
Scriptwriter: Ng Shiu Tung & Tsui Tze Shan
Taste the bittersweet, breathe the love.Read my mind between silence and sound

TONG TONG (Kate Tsui) loses part of her hearing in an accident but she has a positive attitude towards life and she knows how to take good care of others. With the support of her mentor KO MING (Yue Yeung), TONG becomes a voice over talent by utilizing her lip reading ability and she meets another voice talent LEUNG KAI YIN (Kenneth Ma) who also has keen interest in the industry. YIN is fond of the leading voice actress YUEN SIU NA (Claire Yiu) and he asks TONG to be his matchmaker. TONG suffers from a lack of confidence to exhibit her love to YIN so she prefers to help achieve his wish.

YIN and TONG soon become the famous couple of the industry and their career grows swiftly. However, TONG’s younger sister CHAI KA YEE (Elaine Yiu) suddenly commits suicide after losing her love. In order to rescue YEE, TONG loses her hearing completely. YEE is deeply ashamed for causing the tragedy and CHEUNG YAU (Chris Lai) consoles her whole-heartedly. After the trauma, TONG abandons herself completely and she hides away from everybody including YIN. During the time, MING’s voice over team suddenly breaks up and YIN is the only person staying behind. MING is helpless and he urges TONG to return.

Thoughts: I must say, even though i do not like Kate Tsui that much, I am ver eagerly anticipating this series as I had loved Kenneth Ma in Survivor's Law II. It seems like a very new, refreshing idea to have a deaf person in a series as I don't recall TVB having done that in the past. Yes, Hugo, I said it first, but God did answer our prayers for a series with a deaf person (only because it would be interesting). Hopefully, Kate will e able to impress me this time, as I did notice improvement in her acting in Steps.

Credits: Astro on Demand

New Series~ Love Exchange

Cast: Michael Miu, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Crystal Tin, Power Chan ,Mandy Cho, Tracy Yip, Lo Yuen Yan, Lam Tze Sin
Episodes: 20
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Scriptwriter: Lo Mei Wan & Leung Yan Tung
When romance is dead, everything turns terrible and destructive.

A man and a woman are found dead inside a car. SIT CHI YIU (Anita Yuen) learns that the man is her husband, LING HO LEUNG (Eddie Kwan Lai Kit), and the woman is called FONG CHEUK LING (Angela Tong). While YIU is devastated by her husband’s death, she is also heartbroken to come to know that he had an affair. YIU LAP TIN (Michael Miu), a friend of LEUNG’s from school, shows up out of the blue and he cares a great deal about her. Later, YIU discovers that TIN, who works for a security firm, is in fact LING’s husband and that he is not a friend of LEUNG in the least.

No one brings home the bacon since LEUNG died. Fortunately, LEUNG’s boss, TSU YEUK-YUE (Power Chan), has found YIU a job at the insurance company they work at. Although her supervisor, CHING NGO-YEE (Crystal Tin), means to make things difficult for her, YIU takes it all. This makes YEE change her view on YIU and the two have become good friends. YIU wants to get over her pain and stand on her own two feet but TIN is determined to find out about the truth of LEUNG and LING’s deaths. YIU has no choice but to give him a hand. However, the deeper they dig into the case, the more mysterious they find it. YIU cannot even judge who is friend and who is foe.

I do look forward to this series as I like Michael Miu's acting, but unfortunately, I will have to wait until I watch the first episode to decide whther or not I like it as this will be the first time I see Anita Yuen acting for TVB.

Credits: Astro on Demand


Linda Chung & Raymond Lam film kissing scene without the need to brush their teeth;

Yesterday rumoured couple Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were filming a kissing scene in Central Piers for new series “Heart of Greed 2”. The scene consists of them on their first date and suddenly kissing. Although Linda expressed that kissing is something normal for a boyfriend or girlfriend to do in the real world. But no matter how much chemistry you have on screen or how well you know the person, it’s still very awkward to film kissing scenes.

In “Heart of Greed 2” Linda will have 2 kissing scenes with Raymond. “We didn’t have any NG ‘s because we wanted to finish the scene as quickly as we could. (Did you do any preparations or discuss with Raymond before you filmed the scene?) In “Heart of Greed” we did. We did preparations such as brushing our teeth before filming as we respect each other. But we really had no time to prepare for it this time. Therefore we just did it instantly. Also it’s not a long kissing clip so it doesn’t matter, it only lasted for 10 seconds".

(Asked which actor Linda felt most awkward filming a kissing scene with? )She immediately states Ron Ng “That time was when we filmed for TVB’s Sales Presentation. It was my first on screen kiss and we were filming the scene in Lan Kwai Fong which was crowded with people taking photos. At first I did ask if we could do a pretend kiss by using different angle shots. But in the end we were kissing for real and I felt very awkward”.

Thoughts: Well, not much to sayreally except... Linda, I am JEALOUS. Ok, because I am BIG fan of Raymond. (As if anyone hasn't realised, lolz). I reckon Linda's hair style and clothing suit her quite well, but Raymond's haircut from a backwards view seems like it needs a bit of touching up. I musty admit though, they look very compatible as a couple and I look forward to them pairing upin... HOGII!!!

Credits: Asian Entertainment Universe
Source: Oriental daily
Posted by: aZnangel
Translated by: kingkongit27 @ asianeu.net/

Forensic Heroes II~Sam and Ding Ding for the last time;

Not in much of a mood to watch this particular episode because Ding Ding dies. L So sad yet romantic when they show sweet moments from before Ding Ding died, including ones from FHI!

Frankie is being too hard on himself. He shouldn’t be blaming himself and feeling guilty. It wasn’t his fault at all and seeing him so down about it is quite depressing. I must admit though, his crying scenes were very real and believable. So much that I felt like crying myself. Bobby, on the other hand, seemed very cam, too calm, when his girlfriend was still in danger of losing her life.

Frankie praying for Linda to be okay:


Hearing the doctor tell him Linda couldn't be saved, he starts crying:


Linda had left the crystal runner keyring she had made for Frankie on his desk, as well as a Thank you card:
This crystal runner key ring has been hand-made by me. Each crystal represents a blessing from me, to you. I will, together with this crystal runner, walk every road with you, through a wonderful life.


Frankie stares blankly at their picture at the wedding photo shop until Kevin finds him. He says he wants to be left alone, and when Kevin tries to take him home, he fights back.


Scenes from when Frankie and Linda were a couple in FHI:
Eating spicy food together:


Cooking together





The engagement ring, Frankie proposes to Linda:


At the church, where he puts the ring and shoes on for Linda, who lies on her coffin. Reminds me of sleeping beauty when the prince kisses her, except Linda doesn’t wake up...



Forensic Heroes II~Episode 5 Part A

I have decided to make episode 5 summary mostly on Sam and Ding Ding as it is their last time together. Here is just a summary of what else happened in the episode minus the DingDing and Sam scenes (scroll down for episode 4 summary, and I will do a post on Sam and Ding Ding as well soon):

Yoyo is fine but cannot hear much with her right ear and the nerve in her right hand had also been cut. Unfortunately, the person who had installed the bomb underneath Lee Sing Cheung’s car had disguised himself as a car washer, so they had no idea who he was.


Charmaine’s mum finally appears. I haven’t really seen Kara Hui as the motherly type, but seeing her now, I reckon this kind of role suits her quite well. At a restaurant, where Charmaine and her parents are having dinner, a bad-tempered, troublesome woman enters, namely Charmaine’s stepmother (Lo Yuen Yan). Charmaine’s mum and dad were actually already engaged, but her dad ended up marrying so as to help her mum’s father, who was very ill.

How could she say that Charmaine’s mum was the 狐狸精 when she and Charmaine’s dad were never in love in the first place? This woman just has no shame. However, I think has played this role really well.


Yoyo wakes up, and luckily, Bobby is right by her side. Even though she was injured herself, she feels very guilty and is blaming herself for not being able to Linda away in time to save her.


The bomb had been controlled using a mobile phone which sent a message to a receiver locate in the bomb. This then triggers the explosion. Also, all parts of the bomb were collected except for the battery which activates the bomb. As it tends to have a larger surface area, it is more likely that they will find fingerprints on it.

Kevin asks Bobby if he can join the forensics team because he believes that forensics is able to speak for the victim using science and technology. He says that that is what truly interests him, not just taking bombs apart. Of course Bobby says yes straight away! He’s probably had an eye on him ever since the day he had ever so calmly disposed the hand grenade.


Charmaine (leader) and Matthew join 重案組 as Yoyo is unable to work on the ‘front line’, because she cannot hold a gun anymore. Of course Raymond, Vivien, Oscar, and Eddie don’t like this arrangement at all.

At the church, Frankie puts the wedding ring onto Linda’s finger and kisses her gently on the mouth. Out in the corridor, Astrid is crying and hugging onto Bobby, when her husband Savio sees. As soon as they get home and Astrid turns around he slaps her across the face! I was so shocked that I actually jumped!


Forensic Heroes II~Episode 4

Yay! Now I can find out how they knew Jack was the murderer. Basically, it’s just common sense, really. If he hadn’t planned on killing the guy, they why would he wear gloves? (We assume he was wearing gloves as he said he had hit Wong Jing Hung with a baseball bat but there weren’t any fingerprints found.) The fingerprints of Wong Jing Hung indicated that he was in fact trying to stop himself from falling into the trap, but a footprint on his chest shows that someone (presumably Jack) had kicked him hard so that he would fall in.


A good side of Charmaine: She asked Yoyo to give a baseball bat to Wong Jing Hung’s son and to pretend that he had bought it. You could tell that she truly cared about them, it’s just that... we have to wait for them to dig up Charmaine’s past to find that out.


Frankie and Linda moment alert! Frankie and Linda go shopping to look for a pair of runners for Linda to wear on the wedding. Awww, so sad she won’t get a chance to get married. He cares about her soooo much! When Kevin sms Frankie to tell them he had found a pair, they went over to the shop. They didn’t have Linda’s size and as it was made overseas, it would already be past their wedding by the time they arrived, so Frankie went and picked out his own crystals to make her a pair... one word... SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. Linda, at the same time, was making a pair of the exact same crystal runner key rings!


So adorable! Franda forever!


When talk about tattoos comes up in their conversation, Kevin and Frankie decide to visit the guy who did their tattoos for them, Long Yer. The waiter who had tried to kill Lee Sing Cheung with the hand grenade was actually hiding out at the tattooist’s flat. After an unnecessarily long chase, Frankie and Kevin catch him. The waiter admits that it was Lee Sing Cheung’s rival Sek Tau Yong who had told him to do it.


Bobby and Yoyo at Dream again: Bobby gave her a model London bus, asking her if she wanted to go to England with him. Yoyo refused and left pretty soon after that. Aargh! She could have looked at it! And Bobby should’ve stopped her! There was a ring hidden in a secret compartment in the bus, so Bobby was going to propose to her. I felt a bit sorry for Bobby, sitting there all alone, staring dejectedly at the ring he had bought for his girlfriend.


When Kevin goes out shopping with his cousin Formula (Macy Chan) (I actually thought it was his girlfriend at first and I was like what the?), she goes in to try on a dress that Charmaine was trying on at the same time. He thinks that Charmaine is his cousin and drapes a silk scarf over her shoulders. Charmaine turns around and says ‘Wah, you’re pretty eager/keen’ Basically, I think she meant ‘sleazy’. Luckily, his cousin comes out and clarifies everything. Not a good start to Charvin at all! Lolz :)


Charmaine gives some tissues that Lee Sing Cheung had sneezed on for Bobby to test to see if he could find out where they were doing the drug dealing. They found traces of cocaine and volcanic ash. On the truck used to carry the drugs, there was evidence suggesting the drug dealing site was Yuen Long.


They caught Lee Sing Cheung’s drug dealing partner from Malaysia ‘Paka’ and just as they were about to catch Lee Sing Cheung as well, they run off into their cars. At this time, Yoyo and Linda arrive and try to stop them. They both fell over and underneath their car, Linda saw a bomb. ‘THERE’S A BOMB!’. Yoyo tried to drag her to safety, but she tripped over her scarf and fell back down just as the car explodes... gosh this world is a horrible place. Bombs, hand grenades, Linda dying... so sad to see Frankie come and see his fiancé lying down unconscious. He drops the box containing the runners he made for Linda. She will never have the chance to wear them.



To Testing Hell and Back- ALIVE!

Eyaah today had a tuition school test. Science, I'm starting to be not as good at coz I didn't study... (to make myself feel better, I tell myself that it's actually harder than my grade!) Maths I reckon I did quite OK at maths but still, there were some questions I wasn't completely sure of.
My new... uh day resolution?: To study more otherwise, this is to you, Jess, my mum will disable my internet as well! *Gasp* : O




My first female celeb profile will be on the all famous, pretty, Charmaine Seh/Sheh. I like her heaps because she has a really sweet singing voice and is a very experienced actress. You go girl! <<佘詩曼>>

Nickname/s: 阿佘 (Ah Seh)
Profession: Actress, singer, modelling.
Birth: 28-05-1975, Hong Kong
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg (wow, she’s really skinny)
Star sign: Gemini (same as me!!!)
Zodiac sign: Rabbit
Recent TVB series: The Drive of Life (I kinda felt sorry for her in this series coz she was so mistaken. She was actually a nice person, but many events in her past had changed her.)
Word Twister’s Adventure (I quite liked her being paired up with Jordan Chan)
Forensic heroes II (I’m watching it right now and again, like in The Drive of Life, she seems to have a very ‘cool’ and ‘cold’ personality.)
Recent awards: TVB 39th Anniversary Awards 2006~ Favourite Female Character Award (Maiden’s Vow), Best Actress Award (Maiden’s Vow).
Charmaine Seh’s personal blog: http://blog.tvb.com/charmainesheh/
Credits to: Dramawiki

Forensic Heroes II~Episode 3

+3Ooh finally! In the last episode, Kevin finally came!!! (Sorry, just getting a bit carried away there) Somehow in the confusion, he ends up holding the bomb while the cowards run away. It was a good idea as his job is a bomb disposal expert.

The people all back away while Kevin gets ready to dispose the bomb into a hole surrounded by sandbags. *Suspense* OMG... so nerve racking watching him slowly lower the hand grenade into the hole. Ok... he’s letting go in slow motion (aargh, this is torture). Yay! He made it over the wall of sandbags in the 4 seconds that he had.


Surprisingly, even though he didn’t see the person’s face, he recognized that he had a tattoo on his hand and was a long-term smoker. Turns out that Kevin and Frankie knew each other 15 years ago before Kevin left to go to England. Kevin was meant to come five years ago, but didn’t turn up until now. They were both actually bad guys!!! That is, when they were young of course. Kevin had gone to England to study bomb disposal and forensics while Frankie, with encouragement from his sister, has become a forensic writer. Oh and did I mention, Kevin was the one who sent the knife.


Through Charmaine’s flashbacks, I saw that Wong Jing Hung had risked his life to help Charmaine because he wanted to get paid for being a ‘line’. Then, after they caught Lee Sing Cheung, he and his family could travel overseas to start a new life together.


I quite disliked this incident because it seemed to have worsened Bobby and Yoyo’s relationship. Bobby had invited Yoyo to dine with him that night at a romantic restaurant called ‘Dream’. Unfortunately, this is where Frankie had proposed to Linda, and led to Yoyo thinking that Bobby was going to propose to her that night. And he was! He gave her a box of chocolates, like Frankie did to Linda (except one of Linda’s chocolates had a ring) and Yoyo was disappointed to find that there was nothing but chocolate in hers. At least it shows she wanted to marry him!

Matthew and Charmaine go to Sing Sing Bar. Their aim was to find out more about Wong Jing Hung selling drugs there, as a uni-graduate who had recently died after using drugs bought from him. As they are leaving, they see Jack Wu outside the bar, burning some white paper in a silver tray. (This is a traditional Chinese custom that is done for people who have passed away).


(The guy in the striped shirt is the uni-graduate that died after wandering out onto the road and getting hit by a van).


They find out that Jack had been lying the whole time. It had actually rained that morning when Jack had gone looking for his key ring, so the key should have lots of mud on it, but it didn’t, which proves that he had actually dropped it

Frankie recognized one of the bruises on Wong Jing Hung’s body that looked exactly like the picture on Jack’s key ring. We have a suspect! Also, the key ring was a medal from an architectural competition, so it couldn’t belong to Jack as he only went up to year 9 at school. Charmaine arrives and reveals that the key ring belongs to Jack’s brother, who was the uni-graduate that had died after consuming the drugs supplied by Wong Jing Hung. I’m jumping to conclusions here but Jack probably killed Wong Jing Hung because the drugs that he sold had caused his brother’s death.


When they inspected Jack’s house they found Wong Jing Hung’s blood and mud from the war
game centre on his shoes. Jack admits that he went to his house and did hit him with the baseball bat, but that Wong Jing Hung had chased him to the war game centre and fell into the wild pig trap by accident. I was disappointed for a moment as I was so sure my prediction was right. Right on time, Frankie and Bobby arrive, saying ‘YOU’RE LYING. YOU HAD IN FACT PLANNED TO KILL WONG JING HUNG ALL ALONG’.

Sorry if the image quality isn't that great... studying, homework, lots of stuff taking up my time at school so yeah, will try harder!


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Forensic Heroes II~Episode 2

This is where they continue on from the last episode and question Charmaine as to why her fingerprints were found on Wong Jing Hung’s baseball bat. Charmaine admits that she had given it to him the day before he had died, which further implies that their relationship was not as simple as they thought it was. Yoyo asked her about why he would be willing to help her when he could lose his life if the other drug dealers found out about it. Hmmm... why would he?


I had never suspected that Charmaine was the one who had injured Wong Jing Hung, and soon Bobby comes (he always seems to come in when there’s some sort crisis. I would have liked to see that being taken further...) and tells them that the positioning of her fingerprints indicates that she was indeed handing it to someone, not using it as a weapon. Maybe she was just desperate to find more clues, but Yoyo almost seemed disappointed that Wong Jing Hung’s murder had nothing to do with Charmaine...


The foursome (I like to call Bobby, Yoyo, Frankie and Linda the foursome as they were the original cast) are all at Yoyo’s house where Linda is testing out the mosquito ringtone on them (for those of you who don’t know, the mosquito ringtone is just a very high pitch noise that generally only people under 25 years of age can hear).


Yoyo remembered that one of the players at the war game centre, Lau San San had also said she could hear a high pitched sound that hurt her ears. Doing a test on her, they found out that the noise she heard had a frequency of 17 000 Hz, which would be similar to the sound frequency of a dog whistle. Yoyo then immediately thought back to the day when they discovered the dead body and recalled that there had been lots of dogs there.


At the place where the shooter had supposedly shot Chan Ji Sing and Jack, Bobby blew the dog whistle. A dog then led them to a secret den in the bushes where they found the gun the shooter had used.


They were later able to prove that the worker (Charles Szeto) who had said he’d broken his glasses, Lee Chung Son, was the murderer. He had worn contacts, and when rubbing his eyes onto the gloves, his tears had transferred onto the gun. (Wow, they must’ve had to have inspected the gun really thoroughly to find... tear DNA? on it.) However, I don’t think he should have gone to jail (maybe metal institution?) because he wasn’t crazy (ok, maybe a little), or malicious, he was just trying to get revenge for his dog friend red bean (sounds a bit stupid when I say it like that). Chan Ji Sing should have gone to jail because using an animal to test out your shooting skills is just wrong.


Bobby’s idol’s famous words: whenever two things come in contact with each other, an exchange occurs. While taking something away, something is also left behind. I probably haven’t got the best translation though.

They are examining the stool that had been thrown out of Wong Jing Hung’s flat and onto the balcony, and Yoyo points out that some of the bruises on Wong Jing Hung’s body appear to be made by the legs of the stool.
Florence: It’s been outside and plus it rained, so most of the evidence would have been washed away.
Frankie: Just by looking, the shapes of the bruises do seem to be made by the stool.
Yoyo: So the stool is one of the weapons?
Florence: But the forensics department hasn’t found prints of any sort. What could have been left behind?
(Bobby picks out a something white wedged inside the fold of the stool.)
Yoyo: There’s still clues.
Bobby: It’s tofu.


Linda and Yoyo are trying on their dresses for the wedding (Linda looks so pretty) when Yoyo receives a call telling her the blood at the bottom of Wong Jing Hung’s shirt belonged to another drug dealer, Teng Jai Dong, who works lives near a tofu factory... (actually the ... was used just to create a ‘moment when all is revealed’ atmosphere, I don’t actually think it’s that big a deal, lol.) Raymond and Oscar arrive and spot Teng Jai Dong even though Charmaine and Matthew were waiting there first. However, it ended up being Matthew who found him hiding in a secret compartment/cupboard in his flat. He admitted that he had a fight with Wong Jing Hung, but that he didn’t kill him. His blood had splattered onto Wong Jing Hung’s shirt when he was hit by him during the fight.


Another sweet moment between Frankie and Linda. Linda is trying to wear high heel shoes and just so she can be comfortable, Frankie said that everyone going to the wedding will wear runners! They make such a cute couple and her departure from this series will have quite a large impact. If only she could stay, then there’d be three couples instead of an extra guy, which I have a feeling will be Frankie. Poor guy. This is why I have to do more screencaps of them.


Frankie gets an email from a person called ‘destroyer’ challenging him to a... battle? He also gets a small pocket knife of some sort in the mail. (For once, I have absolutely no idea who it could be from. It just seems totally random).


At a restaurant where Lee Sing Cheung and his nephew are eating at, one of the waiters steals his phone. (I was wondering, could he be an undercover cop trying to steal info, but turns out I was v. wrong). As the leave, the waiter chases after them and says “You left your phone!”

Just as he’s about to put the phone into Lee Sing Cheung’s hand, he takes his left and out of his pocket and places a bomb instead! Luckily, they somehow run into Kevin, who seizes hold of the bomb expertly and saves the day. I think. Can’t wait to see the next episode, this was a very exciting entrance for Kevin.


*Just a note: I reckon there should be some more romantic moments between Bobby and Yoyo, as it doesn’t seem like they are totally in love with each other like Frankie and Linda are. On the other hand, Bobby is a very cool and calm person who isn’t very good at all the romantic stuff so Yoyo, hang in there! He will come to his senses soon.