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WoW! I just realised I haven't posted anything in 10 days! Ok, nothing to be proud of, just can't believe how hectic this week was. Almost had mental breakdown! This past week I have still been writing summaries, but had no time to post them and do caps, so it all kinda accumulated. Well now, I have got some work off my back so I have posted a lot!

I just posted up SOS summaries for ep. 15, 16, 17, 18 and MR summary for ep. 1 which is directly below this post. Enjoy! (While I go and kill myself doing homework again!><)

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Moonlight Resonance~Episode !

YAYYAYAYAYAY finally get to watch MR!!!!!
This post is gonna be bit short though coz not much happens. Lots of ‘going back into the past’. I’m glad though, coz it helps you to understand what’s happening and who’s who.

I really liked the opening theme song. It was... organized. There were scenes of each of the couples and then everyone together at the end at court. I have a feeling I’m gonna like this series. Seemed a bit sad though coz there was lots of crying, slapping and pain. A funny scene though, was Raymond dressing up as a woman. OMG He’s so likeable and sweet!

OK here are some caps of the characters who were introduced (Only Lee Sze Kei’s side of the family, Michelle and Linda appeared in this episode):


Lee Sze Kei and Ha Yu were married until 1996. (Shirley and Jack played them when they were young! How cool is it that Shirley is Yeung Sze Kei and she plays Lee Sze Kei?) They divorced after Michelle got inbetween them. They had 6 children (but Tavia was adopted), named after their cake shop- 家 (Moses), 好 (Raymond), 月 (Tavia), 圓 (Chris) , 慶 (Fala) , 中 (Vincent). They were meant to have seven, as they wanted their names to mean 家好月圓慶中秋, so they nicknamed Michelle’s daughter (Linda, Ha Yu isn’t her dad) 于素秋 when her real name is actually 于素心.

At the court, Lee Sze Kei begged Ha Yu to let her take care of the kids as he was busy all the time, but he refused. He wanted to snatch them all away from her because his mother adored her grandchildren. In the end, Moses, Chris and Vincent were given to Ha Yu and Raymond, Tavia and Fala who is mute to Lee Sze Kei. Whoa, I wonder how the ‘sides’ are gonna split if the couples are all separated on Ha Yu and Lee Sze Kei’s sides of the family. This should be interesting...


Lee Sze Kei, ray, Tavia and Fala are at the airport picking up Susanna, who is coming for a holiday. You get the impression that she is kinda rude to others, whingy and talks a LOT.


Ray is really likeable and funny, cracking jokes the whole time. Fala and Tavia, on the other hand, seem to be pretty fed up. All Susanna talks about is how Lee Sze Kei was really stupid for not asking Ha Yu for any money when they divorced.


On the streets, Ray and Lee Sze Kei bumped into Michelle and Linda, who had just come back from England. Michelle acted really dismissive and cold towards them, then walked off. Linda and Ray, however, turned back to look at each other.


Aww so cute, Raymond and Linda were childhood sweethearts. But stupid Ha Yu forced them apart and sent Linda off to England. They were of course, heartbroken. Linda had given Raymond a letter before she left, telling him that they would open it together when they’re older.

Ray found the letter that Linda had given him. It read: ‘When I am in England, no matter if it’s a fine, dark, rainy, study or exam day, everyday, I will miss 阿好.’


Speech of Silence~Episode 18

Kate doesn’t want to talk to anyone and seems really depressed as she cannot communicate with others anymore. She stays inside her room all the time and refuses to see anyone. However, she says that there is one voice she will probably never forget.

咪哥, the man from whom Lau Dan stole his woman, hunted Lau Dan down and asked him for $30 000. When Lau Dan couldn’t get the money, he raised it to $500 000. He told Lau Dan that if he couldn’t get it himself, then could get it from his father-in-law.

Kenneth found Claire drunk and decided to take her home, but when they reached the door, Claire confessed her love to him! She was pressing him against the wall and he looked so awkward. Claire’s mum came out and thought that Kenneth was the one forcing himself on Claire.


Stephen and his dad had a major argument because his dad wouldn’t let Stephen stop school to go with Director Tsui. This was only because he had to look after Kate when he was older. Kate probably felt even more depressed that Stephen couldn’t pursue his dream because she was his burden.

Kenneth especially learnt a mime song for her, and he and all the other children at the DRC told her to never give up, but Kate just ran out crying. But when she got home, she started to cheer up and even came out to dinner cheerfully. She told her dad that she had decided to stop hiding herself from everyone.


Kate said that no matter how hard the walk is, she’ll remember that she has a friend like Kenneth. Kenneth seemed pretty disappointed, then smiled and asked, what about best friend?


Kate saw Claire at the hospital and asked Kate why she was seeing the ‘tumor’ specialist. Kenneth got a call from 小生who said he was going back to America with his dad. At that time, Kate had to tell Kenneth why Claire let 小生 go even though he only cared about using 小生 to inherit more of his father’s money.


小生 left just before Kenneth and Kate came, asking Claire why she didn’t tell them that she might have cancer.. Kate looked sadly out the window at Claire hugging Kenneth.


Speech of Silence~Episode 17

小生’s dad came out of the blue, apologizing and asking Claire to go back with him to America.

Kenneth took Kate out to an art exhibition, and was about to hold her hand, but then some kids ran through them. Kenneth wanted to go buy some drinks and Kate said she needed to go to the restroom, so they agreed to meet at a CD store. Kate however couldn’t read his lips wrong and went to the wrong place. After waiting for a long time, they went around trying to find each other. Kate was really unhappy that Kenneth had hurt his leg trying to look for her.


As she turned to leave, Kenneth caught her arm and hugged her, but Kate pulled away, as she couldn’t hear what he was saying to her. Kenneth stood, stunned as Kate walked away.


Chris told Kenneth that there are seven things that all successful men should have: money, face, house, car, a woman, a job and a handsome face.
Chris: The only thing you don’t have is a woman and a handsome face, but what about me? I only have the handsome face. Women need eight things: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, safety. They need to feel like everything they want will last forever.

Kenneth and Chris dressed up magicians for a new year’s party and Elaine got Kate to come. Kenneth asked her to be his volunteer and produced a ring from inside her necklace.
Kenneth: Even though we cannot be like other couples, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you understand how I feel. Will you marry me? I will love you forever and we’ll be a very special couple. We will be happier than other couples, believe me.


She reached out towards the ring, but his smile faded when she gently closed the locket.
Kate: I’m sorry, but I cannot accept this ring.
Then she turned and ran out. Kenneth chased after her and grabbed onto her arm.
Kenneth: 棠棠, I’m serious!
Kate: I’m serious too. The problem between us can’t be solved. Even if you can touch me now, touch yourself, the truth won’t change.
Kenneth: What are you saying? I can’t hear you.
That’s what our problem is.
Kenneth gently let go of her arm as the crowd around them counted down to the New Year.


Speech of Silence~Episode 16

The doctor said that her brain had been affected by the... vibrations? Or the impact of when she had hit the ground? He also said that because her ear was injured again this time, she might become fully deaf.

Kenneth: 棠棠, can you hear me? Please don’t make me like 過兒 and have to wait for you for 16 years. You have to wake up quickly; we still have to do voiceovers together.
Kenneth was waking up beside her when Kate woke up. However, she started crying and asked why she can’t hear them all.


When he was talking to Kate who pretended everything was happen, but she couldn’t read his lips as well, and kept on getting the words wrong.


Elaine was fired and Chris the meanie, aww he didn’t mean to be mean, kept on teasing her. When Elaine spun around, he saw she was crying and then she slapped him in the face. Elaine decided to get revenge on Herbert by pouring a bucket of paint over him, but Chris stopped her and got the paint all over him instead!


Kenneth organized a surprise party for Kate to celebrate her coming home. In her room, she turned put on her headphones and turned up the volume really loud, but still couldn’t hear anything. Kenneth played a game with her. He recited tongue twisters and asked Kate to try and lip read what he was saying.

Kate said he was doing slow on purpose, so Kenneth did a faster one.
Kenneth: You OK, Me OK, OK loves棠棠. 棠棠 loves OK. OK don’t see棠棠 then not OK. 棠棠 sees OK then is OK!


The Director wasn’t happy at all, because Kate couldn’t match her words with the movement of the actor’s lips. Kenneth found her crossing the road and a truck was coming right at her, its horn beeping. Of course, she couldn’t hear it, and luckily Kenneth pushed her aside just in time.

Kate said she was dragging everyone down, causing everyone around her to suffer. Kenneth tried to comfort her, saying that once she did the operation, she could hear again. But Kate told him the truth that her nerves had been damaged and no matter what operations she did, she still wouldn’t be able to hear and the risks would be really high.

Kate: I will never be able to hear again, neither can I do voiceovers. Please go back and tell 明表哥 for me.
Kenneth: You can’t give up that easily. Even if you don’t do the operation, you can still do voiceovers. Your microphone and receiver haven’t broken.
Kate: The doctor told me.
Kenneth: Listen to me, your beautiful microphone is still here. It is your mouth. the microphone is so beautiful that even Director Tsui said it was good, right? And, your voice has emotion, the audience will remember. The audiences’ heart is the receiver, and your mouth is the microphone. They can hear it. 棠棠, as long as you relax and be yourself, nothing will have changed.


Just as Kate had gotten her confidence back, Yu Yang asked for Claire to do the voiceovers instead. Kenneth, Kingdom, Lau Dan and Yu Yang all stood there arguing while Claire and a teary Kate stood listening at the door.

She told everyone to stop arguing because of her and left. She wandered around, as the choirs walked about singing Christmas carols that she couldn’t hear.

Speech of Silence~Episode 15

Everyone at the voiceover studio used the flooding as an excuse to leave as they had been offered a job elsewhere before. Even Claire left as the person owning the other studio is her godfather.

When doing a photo shoot and Queenie and Elaine started fighting, Herbert didn’t stick up for Queenie at all. In the parking lot, he dumped Queenie, and said that Elaine didn’t like him just because of his money. Haha, he doesn’t realize how wrong he is! He drove off with Elaine and left Queenie standing there sulkily.


To prove to Kingdom that Yu Yang really cared about her, Lau Dan pretended that he had gone gambling and lost all his money. Kenneth pretended to be the ‘dai yi lung’ that captured Kingdom.

Yu Yang and Kingdom both chipped in to have the recording machines fixed and with Kenneth and Kate helping, the studio was restored to its former glory.

However, Claire’s god father had taken all of their jobs and even Director Tsui couldn’t help them. Ben and Irene sneered at them and said Kate and Kenneth weren’t experienced enough. Irene was the woman that Ben was seeing behind Celine’s back. Gosh, I feel sorry for the poor child. It would be horrible to have a dad like Ben.
Claire helped by asking Director Tsui to come and listen to Kenneth and Kate before deciding who to use. He agreed, but he didn’t seem satisfied with Kate and Kenneth and yelled out ‘CUT!’ a lot of times. He said that they didn’t have the right ‘feel’.


Lau Dan taught them that Director Tsui actually just wanted naturalism, not for them to know the script off by heart. The second time, he was very happy and agreed to let them do the voiceovers for his new movie.


Herbert had taken Elaine to a poolside party, but only so he could prove to his girlfriend that there was nothing going on between them. They made her change into a bikini and pulled her to the edge of the pool. Then Herbert’s girlfriend ‘Fion’ pushed her into the water.

Elaine asked why he had to ‘play’ her like that and he could have told her if he didn’t like her.
Herbert: I think it was you that played me first. Stop trying to act pitiful. Kiki told me everything. From day one, you just wanted my money. AND in Japan, just as I started being nicer to you, you acted all high-class. You try to play me? Its not that easy. Its always me playing people, no one can play me!


Kenneth came to Kate’s house and told Kate’s dad that they were going out. Kate’s dad sounded really happy and Kenneth promised Kate that he would go and tell Claire that he didn’t return her feelings. At that moment, Kate’s dad received a call that Elaine was in trouble. Kate slowly climbed up the ladder to her while Elaine told her that now Herbert will never believe that she does like him.

Turns out she was never planning to commit suicide; she only wanted to calm down. As they both went back down together, Elaine lost her footing and slipped. Kate sacrificed herself and fell down after pushing Elaine back up. Kate fell onto her ear that had the hearing aid. She couldn’t hear when Kenneth told her he ears were bleeding...



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in a rush...

OK, i really am in a rush :( I have 3 assignments due in the next week and homework due tomorrow! But I know I've been neglecting my blog a bit these past days, so I just posted four summaries: (ep. 14, 15 FHII, ep. 13, 14). Please tell me if there are mistakes, I rushed a bit. Will post more on the weekend! BYE!!! XD

Speech of Silence~Episode 14

When Kate came back after talking on the phone, she saw the headphones lying on the chair. She picked it up, and heard Kenneth say the exact same things that she had said before. With their hands clasping each other’s ears, they kissed!


To get revenge on Queenie, Elaine sent pictures of her and Herbert to other people. When Herbert found out, he decided to replace Queenie for the advertisement in Japan.

Kate and Kenneth did voiceovers together for the couple in Condor Heroes. So sweet!
Kate asked Kenneth why he took her to Fei Oar San.
Kenneth: Couples have to go to places with the right atmosphere for 拍拖!
Kate: Who is拍拖 with you?
Kenneth: We are holding hands. That doesn’t count as拍拖? Wah, then you very ‘sit dai ah’
Kate: Yes, very! [runs off]


In Japan, the two other guys pretend to be drunk so that Elaine is left alone with Herbert, who tries to make a move on her. But Elaine thinks back to when Kate told her love that is gained by sacrificing the body will never last, and pushed him away.


Chris overheard the manager Ah Joe saying that Kary had ‘danced her way into Herbert’s room’ that night in Japan. He got really angry. He called Elaine a 狐狸精 in front of everybody.
Elaine: What are you so crazy about?
Chris: Yes, I really am crazy. So crazy that I like a woman that only likes money. I am even stupid enough to help you get revenge on Kiki when you were just using me to get close to Herbert! Bringing takeaway and giving up your body!
Elaine: With which eye did you see my sacrifice my body?!
Chris: Who are you trying to lie to? Everyone knows you went to Japan to film an advertisement... it was to sleep with Herbert!
Elaine: What are you talking about?! [Slaps him]


Claire had walked around all of Hong Kong’s record shops and finally found Kenneth’s favourite song ‘Yesterday Once More.’ However, Kate had paid double the price and bought it in case. Kate wondered why Claire wanted it so much. Claire said she had wanted to give it to Kenneth.

Claire: Did you know, Kate had bought the record for her boyfriend?
Kenneth: Oh really, then w can’t argue with that!
Kate: What boyfriend? It’s just a normal friend.


Kate was sulking and didn’t want to give the record to Kenneth.
Kenneth: You don’t think there’s something going on between me and 娜姐 do you?
Kate: If I hadn’t of gone back, I wouldn’t know that someone cared about you so much.
[Kenneth takes a newspaper and curls it into a megaphone.
Kenneth: Everybody, this lovely, pretty girl here is my one and only girlfriend. I want to tell everyone, don’t make a move on her, or else I will ‘fight you to death!’
Here, in front of everyone, I swear I only like you and will only love you, no on else.

Kenneth: At this time in romantic movies, couples will, kiss for 3 minutes.
[Kate turns around and whacks him on the head saying ‘Ah Cha!’
Kenneth: Wah! I wanted akiss, not a whack!
Kate: I have been filming a martial arts movie. Every time they make a move they say ‘Ah Cha’
Kenneth: Lately I have been filming a porn movie. Every time they make a move they- [Kate runs off screaming]


When they get back to the voiceover, a disaster is awaiting them. The storey above the studio had a fire and the water had soaked everything in the studio as well...