Speech of Silence~Episode 16

The doctor said that her brain had been affected by the... vibrations? Or the impact of when she had hit the ground? He also said that because her ear was injured again this time, she might become fully deaf.

Kenneth: 棠棠, can you hear me? Please don’t make me like 過兒 and have to wait for you for 16 years. You have to wake up quickly; we still have to do voiceovers together.
Kenneth was waking up beside her when Kate woke up. However, she started crying and asked why she can’t hear them all.


When he was talking to Kate who pretended everything was happen, but she couldn’t read his lips as well, and kept on getting the words wrong.


Elaine was fired and Chris the meanie, aww he didn’t mean to be mean, kept on teasing her. When Elaine spun around, he saw she was crying and then she slapped him in the face. Elaine decided to get revenge on Herbert by pouring a bucket of paint over him, but Chris stopped her and got the paint all over him instead!


Kenneth organized a surprise party for Kate to celebrate her coming home. In her room, she turned put on her headphones and turned up the volume really loud, but still couldn’t hear anything. Kenneth played a game with her. He recited tongue twisters and asked Kate to try and lip read what he was saying.

Kate said he was doing slow on purpose, so Kenneth did a faster one.
Kenneth: You OK, Me OK, OK loves棠棠. 棠棠 loves OK. OK don’t see棠棠 then not OK. 棠棠 sees OK then is OK!


The Director wasn’t happy at all, because Kate couldn’t match her words with the movement of the actor’s lips. Kenneth found her crossing the road and a truck was coming right at her, its horn beeping. Of course, she couldn’t hear it, and luckily Kenneth pushed her aside just in time.

Kate said she was dragging everyone down, causing everyone around her to suffer. Kenneth tried to comfort her, saying that once she did the operation, she could hear again. But Kate told him the truth that her nerves had been damaged and no matter what operations she did, she still wouldn’t be able to hear and the risks would be really high.

Kate: I will never be able to hear again, neither can I do voiceovers. Please go back and tell 明表哥 for me.
Kenneth: You can’t give up that easily. Even if you don’t do the operation, you can still do voiceovers. Your microphone and receiver haven’t broken.
Kate: The doctor told me.
Kenneth: Listen to me, your beautiful microphone is still here. It is your mouth. the microphone is so beautiful that even Director Tsui said it was good, right? And, your voice has emotion, the audience will remember. The audiences’ heart is the receiver, and your mouth is the microphone. They can hear it. 棠棠, as long as you relax and be yourself, nothing will have changed.


Just as Kate had gotten her confidence back, Yu Yang asked for Claire to do the voiceovers instead. Kenneth, Kingdom, Lau Dan and Yu Yang all stood there arguing while Claire and a teary Kate stood listening at the door.

She told everyone to stop arguing because of her and left. She wandered around, as the choirs walked about singing Christmas carols that she couldn’t hear.

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