hey everyone...
i apologise x10000 for having just 'disappeared' a while back.
i somehow couldnt find the inspiration, or time, to update this blog
ive debated many time whether i should update but then i thouhgt, if im not going to update often, why do it? i can't bring myself to delete this blog either... because, well, i spent a lot of time on it, and i met a lot of friends through it. im thinking of blogging again, but it will probably be more of a daily diary knd of thing. also, over this period, ive discovered a new passion: taiwanese dramas!! after being a bit bored of tvb, my friend recommeded me some tw drmas, and ive become obsessed since then! ALSO, i am now a huge fan of aaron yan form fahrenheit!!! u must all be thinking, woah SHES changed!!

last of all, i just wanna let you guys know, i will probably start blogging again and i hope you guys still remember me, coz ive missed you all!!