Speech of Silence~Episode 15

Everyone at the voiceover studio used the flooding as an excuse to leave as they had been offered a job elsewhere before. Even Claire left as the person owning the other studio is her godfather.

When doing a photo shoot and Queenie and Elaine started fighting, Herbert didn’t stick up for Queenie at all. In the parking lot, he dumped Queenie, and said that Elaine didn’t like him just because of his money. Haha, he doesn’t realize how wrong he is! He drove off with Elaine and left Queenie standing there sulkily.


To prove to Kingdom that Yu Yang really cared about her, Lau Dan pretended that he had gone gambling and lost all his money. Kenneth pretended to be the ‘dai yi lung’ that captured Kingdom.

Yu Yang and Kingdom both chipped in to have the recording machines fixed and with Kenneth and Kate helping, the studio was restored to its former glory.

However, Claire’s god father had taken all of their jobs and even Director Tsui couldn’t help them. Ben and Irene sneered at them and said Kate and Kenneth weren’t experienced enough. Irene was the woman that Ben was seeing behind Celine’s back. Gosh, I feel sorry for the poor child. It would be horrible to have a dad like Ben.
Claire helped by asking Director Tsui to come and listen to Kenneth and Kate before deciding who to use. He agreed, but he didn’t seem satisfied with Kate and Kenneth and yelled out ‘CUT!’ a lot of times. He said that they didn’t have the right ‘feel’.


Lau Dan taught them that Director Tsui actually just wanted naturalism, not for them to know the script off by heart. The second time, he was very happy and agreed to let them do the voiceovers for his new movie.


Herbert had taken Elaine to a poolside party, but only so he could prove to his girlfriend that there was nothing going on between them. They made her change into a bikini and pulled her to the edge of the pool. Then Herbert’s girlfriend ‘Fion’ pushed her into the water.

Elaine asked why he had to ‘play’ her like that and he could have told her if he didn’t like her.
Herbert: I think it was you that played me first. Stop trying to act pitiful. Kiki told me everything. From day one, you just wanted my money. AND in Japan, just as I started being nicer to you, you acted all high-class. You try to play me? Its not that easy. Its always me playing people, no one can play me!


Kenneth came to Kate’s house and told Kate’s dad that they were going out. Kate’s dad sounded really happy and Kenneth promised Kate that he would go and tell Claire that he didn’t return her feelings. At that moment, Kate’s dad received a call that Elaine was in trouble. Kate slowly climbed up the ladder to her while Elaine told her that now Herbert will never believe that she does like him.

Turns out she was never planning to commit suicide; she only wanted to calm down. As they both went back down together, Elaine lost her footing and slipped. Kate sacrificed herself and fell down after pushing Elaine back up. Kate fell onto her ear that had the hearing aid. She couldn’t hear when Kenneth told her he ears were bleeding...


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