Speech of Silence~Episode 18

Kate doesn’t want to talk to anyone and seems really depressed as she cannot communicate with others anymore. She stays inside her room all the time and refuses to see anyone. However, she says that there is one voice she will probably never forget.

咪哥, the man from whom Lau Dan stole his woman, hunted Lau Dan down and asked him for $30 000. When Lau Dan couldn’t get the money, he raised it to $500 000. He told Lau Dan that if he couldn’t get it himself, then could get it from his father-in-law.

Kenneth found Claire drunk and decided to take her home, but when they reached the door, Claire confessed her love to him! She was pressing him against the wall and he looked so awkward. Claire’s mum came out and thought that Kenneth was the one forcing himself on Claire.


Stephen and his dad had a major argument because his dad wouldn’t let Stephen stop school to go with Director Tsui. This was only because he had to look after Kate when he was older. Kate probably felt even more depressed that Stephen couldn’t pursue his dream because she was his burden.

Kenneth especially learnt a mime song for her, and he and all the other children at the DRC told her to never give up, but Kate just ran out crying. But when she got home, she started to cheer up and even came out to dinner cheerfully. She told her dad that she had decided to stop hiding herself from everyone.


Kate said that no matter how hard the walk is, she’ll remember that she has a friend like Kenneth. Kenneth seemed pretty disappointed, then smiled and asked, what about best friend?


Kate saw Claire at the hospital and asked Kate why she was seeing the ‘tumor’ specialist. Kenneth got a call from 小生who said he was going back to America with his dad. At that time, Kate had to tell Kenneth why Claire let 小生 go even though he only cared about using 小生 to inherit more of his father’s money.


小生 left just before Kenneth and Kate came, asking Claire why she didn’t tell them that she might have cancer.. Kate looked sadly out the window at Claire hugging Kenneth.


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